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At The Beholder Styling + Design we are all about designing spaces that evoke emotion and bring joy. Whether we are staging a property, styling a home, designing commercial and residential spaces, events or installations, our commitment remains the same.


Meet The Team



The art of spatial awareness is not an easy one to master but Leah has a skilled understanding of the way spaces work (Tetris Brain). Her ability to visualise a room and style it to optimise the area is second to none. 

Couple that with a passion for creating beautiful cohesive spaces, and an obsessive attention to detail and…boom…you find yourself with a wonder woman who you might see styling a home in a tutu and heels, complete with tool belt, before running off to style a stunning event.

Her persistence, dedication to hard work, brain for business and commitment to providing an exceptional level of service has seen the business grow. This girl is busy and on the go!



Karen’s background is as diverse as the spaces she has styled. No event too big, no soiree too small, Karen specialises in styling them all. From high concept commercial installations, gatherings for a few to events for thousands, places to dine or spaces enjoy, Karen has styled them all. 

With a brain exploding with brilliant concepts, a heart full of fun and a passion for joy, Karen can make anything sparkle. Her world is full of confetti, glitter and good times and she brings this beauty to every event and space she works in. 

A bowerbird at heart she has collected a nest full of amazing treasure she shares through her work. 



Laura traverses both the worlds of fashion and interiors and her love of textural play and proportion is an endless pursuit. Her eclectic style, boundless energy and firm belief in the aesthetics of life see her surrounding herself with all things textural and vibrant. 

Laura’s love of colour is infectious. More is more and the result is beautiful. This begs the question - how many cushions does one really need?

Positive, determined, eternally optimistic, Laura believes there is always a way to solve a problem, always a solution, always a way to make it work.