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The Beholder is the product of two creatives appreciation of good design and love of interior style. After working in film and fashion, and a sea-change to the coast, a move into interior styling felt like a natural progression.

When staging a property for sale we consider each home individually and style according to its unique character. The focus is always on creating beautiful spaces that appeal to the broadest possible market working to maximize your return on sale day.

When styling a home to live in we embrace what you have, rearranging, reconfiguring and rejuvenating… breathing new life into old and enhancing with new. We are committed to designing inspiring spaces through considered choices. We work with you to create a home that reflects your personality and functions to suit your lifestyle.

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The Beholder Styling + Design bring a flexible approach to home styling. We work with you to create a home that embraces your personality, reflects who you are, considers your personal style and is both practical and functional.

We draw from what you have and expand on this to create spaces that capture the mood of the home and those who live in it. Collecting pieces from far and wide, working with unique artists and designers, local creatives and connecting with others further afield to ensure we
bring a refined aesthetic to every individual project.

We adopt the ‘one size definitely does not fit all’ approach and we tailor each project to your personal style and budget. We strive to create spaces that you love to live in.


Professional property staging is becoming an increasingly more essential component of your properties selling strategy. Home staging increases the perceived value of your property. Statistics show that staged homes spend half the time on the market and sell for approximately 6 percent above the asking price.

The Beholder Styling + Design offer a boutique staging service with a bespoke approach to styling your property. Our creative direction for each property is different and we customise the staging to enhance the unique qualities of each individual space. Our design aesthetic is always focused on appealing to a broad market, creating strong first impressions (both online and at open home) and a lasting connection between the potential buyer and the property.

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