Frequently Asked Questions


How does property styling with us work?

At the Beholder Styling we are professional stylists who design and install styling packages that bring out the best in your property and help to optimise its selling price. We have styled hundreds of properties for sale and are knowledgeable and experienced in Real Estate, often working closely with professional agents. Unlike Interior Designers we do not offer mood boards or images of pieces prior to us coming in as we need to be able to create cohesive packages using available stock. We are a bespoke styling service, we design packages that are considerate of your properties features and highlight its potential. 

How much does it cost?

The cost of our package is dependent on the size of the property and what is required. Prices can vary from $1200 to $8000+ depending on quantity of furniture required. We are always focused on the return on investment and properties styled by The Beholder return on average a 5-10% higher sale price.

How long is the average hire period?

6 weeks. This allows 1 week for photography and a 5 week sale campaign.

How do we design packages and choose furniture?

We create packages around availability of pieces from our collection of furniture, art and props. We consider the style of the property both architecturally and aesthetically, properties features and flaws, what best suits the market and the potential buyer. We create a cohesive look that flows throughout the property and appeals to potential buyers. We own all of our furniture which gives us full control over what we bring in to your property.

Can I use some of my own furniture?

Yes. At The Beholder we do offer a partial styling service where we use your existing furniture wherever possible. 

Do I have to vacate the property for the sale campaign?

Yes, and No

Yes, if we design and install a complete styling package we ask that you vacate the property as this optimises the quality of our pieces but also makes it much easier for our clients (maintaining a home during a sales campaign can be very difficult).

No, if we are engaged to carry out a partial style on your property. We understand it is not always possible to vacate the home and therefore style your property with consideration of this in mind.

Can I specify which pieces I want for my property?

At The Beholder Styling we are professional and experienced stylists and we design packages based on our knowledge of the market and current trends with consideration of potential buyers and investment return. We therefore ask our clients to trust us to take care of the selection of all pieces.

Can I hire just a few pieces for my property?

Yes. It is possible to hire specific pieces but we ask that the selection of those pieces be left to us.

What are the payment terms?

Full payment prior to installation.

Are you insured?

We have full insurance for the theft of our pieces for the duration of your campaign (full terms and conditions provided with quote)

How long before I sell my property should I contact The Beholder?

We recommend calling us 2-3 weeks before installation but can always work on shorter turn around times. We also offer a Market Ready Consultation, please CONTACT us for more information or to book us in.

Where do you service?

We are based on the NSW Central Coast but service from Sydney to Newcastle and beyond…and everywhere in between. Have truck, do travel.


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